Thanks to our regional lows n. 12 of October 21, 2011 and n. 22 of June 9, 2017 it is possible to dispose the ashes also outside the cemeterial areas, or rather:

  • in woods and meadow at a minimum distance of 200 meters away from homes or in private area prior to the written permission of the owner (download form);
  • in lakes at a minimum distance of 100 meters from the lake shore or in free routs of vessels and manufactures in rivers;
  • in the sea half mile (over 500 meters) from the coast;

It is forbidden the dispersion of the ashes in city centers, in air or in natural reserves.

Ashes must be dispersed from the person in charge entitled by the deceased in life. In absence of indication, it provides a familiar or other person identified by the art. 74, 75, 76, 77 of the Civil Code.

The dispersion of ashes in nature has become a request in constant growth.

For this reason, our firm has intended to offer our customers a wide

range of certified biodegradable and hydro soluble urns,

to ensure also a special attention to the environment.

For those who want to, we can offer the possibility of using

our vessel with driver for the dispose of ashes

at sea with the possibility of carrying up to 10 people.

How to request the authorization for ashes dispersion?

  • The person in life can deposit his will to the cremation and dispersion of his ashes, indicating the person in charge and place of the dispersion, in his own municipality completely free of charge. A copy of the deposited will must be kept by the person, who will be able to modify his deposition with his own municipality later.

  • If the death had already occurred, the post-mortempublication of the notarial or holographic will, will be carried out, of which the original or the certified copy must be presented to the Civil Status Officer for the issue of the authorization.

  • In the absence of holographic will authenticated or notarized, the request to ashes dispersion can be signed at our offices by the spouse and by the first degree relatives.